Trust Wallet x THORChain: $50,000 $BTC Swap Giveaway!

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Trust Wallet and THORChain are thrilled to present a swap campaign with $50,000 in $BTC rewards. There are over 600 chances to win, and 3 ways to enter! Read on to find out how…

Before you begin:

There’s a couple of simple steps you need to complete first!
Step 1: Download Trust Wallet
Step 2: Our original announcement on the cross-chain swap functionality

Promotion Period: 2023-06-27 13:00 (UTC) to 2023-07-10 13:00 (UTC)

Entry 1: Complete a qualifying swap in Trust Wallet for a chance to win a share of $48,000 $BTC!

Join our exciting promotion to win a share of $48,000 in $BTC by completing qualified $BTC pair swaps using Trust Wallet Mobile. With several rewards tiers, stand a chance to win up to $3,000 in BTC.

Swap pairs qualified for the campaign:

  • BTC : ETH
  • BTC : BNB (BEP-2)
  • BTC : BUSD
  • BTC : TWT (BEP-2)
  • BTC : LTC
  • BTC : ATOM
  • BTC : AVAX
  • BTC : BCH
  • BTC : DOGE

Winners in $BTC

  • $3,000 : 1 winner
  • $1,000 : 10 winners
  • $100 : 100 winners
  • $50 : 500 winners

Selection Criteria and Rules

  • Users must be on the most recent version of Trust Wallet (iOS or Android)
  • Qualifying swaps must be an amount of 0.004 BTC or greater
  • Swap must include any of the above listed swap pairs
  • Swap can either originate or settle in native Bitcoin
  • Swap must be completed within the qualifying period
  • One entry per user per native Bitcoin address meeting the above criteria
  • Swaps larger than the qualifying amount that result in a refund due to slippage tolerance still count towards the promotion
  • Users will be selected based on the Award Selection Rules Based on BTC Hash Value

Entry 2: Retweet our announcement for a chance to share $1,000 in BTC

Retweet our promotion announcements below for a chance to share $1,000 in $BTC rewards. Retweet Trust Wallet's and THORChain's announcements to increase your chances of winning.


Trust Wallet:

Selection Criteria and Rules

  • Selected participants who retweeted the announcement tweets will be randomly chosen to receive the following rewards:

    • 1 random retweeter of Trust Wallet’s announcement - $500 in $BTC
    • 1 random retweeter of THORChain’s announcement - $500 in $BTC

Entry 3: Join CMC Live session for a chance to share $1,000 in BTC

  • Attendees of the CMC Live session linked below will be chosen to receive the following rewards:

    • 2 of the best audience questions from CMC Live session - $500 in $BTC

Set a reminder here:

Submit your question for the AMA here

Terms & Conditions:

  • The Promotion will end on 10th of July 2023, 13:00 (UTC)
  • You must use Trust Wallet to be eligible for rewards, as wallet addresses will be cross-verified; using a different wallet may lead to disqualification.
  • To qualify for rewards, users must complete all steps outlined in the announcement.
  • Swap winners will automatically receive the reward in their Bitcoin wallet by July 23rd.
  • Winners from the social media promotion will be notified after the Promotion ends. Prizes will be sent to their Bitcoin wallets by July 23rd.
  • The prize distribution will be in Bitcoin at its USD market value at the end of the promotional period
  • Each wallet address is eligible for a maximum of one reward only.
  • In the event that a participant becomes eligible for multiple rewards, they shall be entitled to receive only the highest-valued reward amongst the applicable rewards.
  • Illegally bulk registered accounts or sub-accounts are not eligible to participate or receive any rewards.
  • Selection of the winners of Entry 2 & Entry 3 will be at the discretion of Trust Wallet
  • Trust Wallet reserves the right to disqualify any participants showing signs of fraudulent behavior immediately.
  • Trust Wallet reserves the right at any time in its sole and absolute discretion to determine and/or amend or vary these Promotion Terms without prior notice, including but not limited to canceling, extending, terminating or suspending this Promotion, its eligibility terms and criteria, the selection and number of winners, and the timing of any act to be done, and all users shall be bound by these amendments.

Trust Wallet x THORChain Collaboration Highlights:

Cross-chain swaps offer increased flexibility, access to diverse assets, risk management options, and enhanced opportunities to participate in the evolving landscape of decentralized finance.

THORChain is an innovative solution that simplifies cross-chain swaps, connecting different blockchain networks for seamless decentralized transactions. Experience fast transactions, reduced fees, and an uninterrupted experience while swapping your native Bitcoin.

Discover more about THORChain and how cross-chain swaps can benefit you through our original announcement on the cross-chain swap functionality:

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