Trust Wallet Integrates Base – A Low-Cost, Open-Source Layer 2 Blockchain

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We’re excited to announce the integration of Base into the Trust Wallet ecosystem. Now you can take advantage of this brand new low-cost, developer friendly Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) using your Trust Wallet. In this article, we’ll cover what Base is, and how to add assets on the Base network to your wallet, such as ETH and others.


What is the Base Mainnet?

Base is an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) network designed to provide secure, low-cost access to the crypto-economy. It acts as a bridge, connecting users to Ethereum L1, other L2s, and various major blockchain networks like Solana. By using the security features of Ethereum, Base makes it easier and more affordable to build and interact with decentralized apps (dApps). Its creation aims to increase the accessibility of dApps and connect users across different blockchain platforms, offering a straightforward way to explore various crypto products.

Key Features of Base Mainnet

  • Scalability: It offers high transaction throughput and low latency, ensuring smooth functionality even during peak usage times.
  • Security: With a robust consensus mechanism, the network provides top-notch security against malicious attacks.
  • Interoperability: The ability to communicate with various other blockchains seamlessly, expanding possibilities for developers and users.
  • User-Friendly: Designed with the end-user in mind, it provides a smooth and intuitive experience.
  • Decentralization and open source: By ensuring a distributed network, Base Mainnet offers a fair and open system that isn’t controlled by a single entity.

Using Base With Your Trust Wallet

You can manage assets on the Base network such as ETH, as well as other assets on the Layer 2 blockchain using Trust Wallet. Below, we’ll cover how that’s done.

Please note: Base does not currently have its own network token. So beware of scammers offering one.

Before we dive into exploring Base with Trust Wallet, you’ll need to create a wallet if you don’t already have one. Trust Wallet is available as a mobile app or you can get the Trust Wallet Extension for your desktop web browser.

Step 1: Download the latest version of the Trust Wallet App.


Step 2: Set up your new wallet

  • Open the Trust Wallet app, and choose the option to ‘Create a new wallet.’
  • Select an option to back up your wallet.
  • Go through the instructions to start using your wallet.

Tip: If you already have a wallet that’s not Trust Wallet, you can choose to import that wallet. In this case, you’d choose the “I already have a wallet” option.

Step 3: Add ETH on the Base network to your Trust Wallet

You can add the ETH asset on the Base network to your Trust Wallet. This allows you to deposit and manage the asset.

Add ETH on Base using the Trust Wallet mobile app

  • Select the token filter/toggle in the top right (or scroll down and select “Add Tokens”).
  • Search for ‘Base’ or ‘ETH’ and locate the ETH asset on the Base network.
  • Select the toggle switch to activate it.
  • Then select the ETH Base asset to open the details page, then select “Receive” to view the deposit page.
  • Use your ETH (Base) details to deposit ETH on the Base network, to your Trust Wallet.


**Add ETH on Base to the Trust Wallet Browser Extension

  • Select the token symbol.
  • Search for ‘Base’ or ‘ETH’ and locate the ETH asset on the Base network.
  • Select the toggle switch to activate viewing of the ETH asset on the Base network.
  • Navigate to the main wallet page, locate and select ETH on Base, then choose the
  • Receive button to reveal your deposit details.


Optional: Add other (custom) Base assets to your Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet gives you the ability to add custom assets on Base. Here’s how:

Add custom assets on Base using the Trust Wallet mobile app

  • Select the token filter/toggle in the top right (or scroll down and select “Add Tokens”).
  • Select the add/plus sign.


  • Select the Network field, then locate and choose “Base”.
  • Enter your custom/asset details, then select “Save”.


Add custom assets on Base using the Trust Wallet Browser Extension

  • Select the token symbol.
  • Select “Add custom token”.
  • Locate and choose the Base Mainnet, then enter the contract address for the asset you’re adding.


Frequently asked questions

Does the Base blockchain have a network token?

According to Coinbase’s official documentation, Base does not have a network token, and there are currently no plans to issue one. That said, please be aware of any scammers claiming to offer airdrops or Base tokens of any kind, as you could lose your crypto. Ensure you have the latest version of Trust Wallet installed so that you can benefit from features like the Trust Wallet Security Scanner.


Is Base centralized?

No, Base is not centralized. Initially, Base was incubated by Coinbase, however the network is decentralized and open source. The network is built for everyone to use.

What are the benefits of using Trust Wallet to Access Base?

  • Secure Storage: Trust Wallet offers secure storage for your Base tokens, with private keys only held by the user.
  • Accessibility: The integration with Base Mainnet allows users to explore more dApps directly from their Trust Wallet.
  • Cross-platform Support: Available on both iOS and Android, Trust Wallet ensures that you can manage your assets on the go.
  • Easy to Use: With an intuitive interface, Trust Wallet makes it easy for both new and experienced users to navigate the Base ecosystem.

Are you ready to be part of the growing Web3 ecosystem? Download Trust Wallet today and explore the Base Mainnet!

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Note: Any cited numbers, figures, or illustrations are reported at the time of writing, and are subject to change.

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