How to Transfer Crypto from to Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet

In this guide, we'll explain the process of sending digital assets from to your Trust Wallet.

Because is a centralized exchange, it naturally has some control over your assets. This isn't unusual – it's just how centralized exchanges work. This is important to note because letting anyone outside of yourself have control over your crypto carries some level of risk.

On the other hand, Trust Wallet is a Web3 self-custody wallet that gives you full control over your crypto, NFTs, and digital identity. Self-custody is the only way to have complete access and control of your crypto at all times, and this is part of what makes Web3 so powerful.


Moving your assets from to Trust Wallet means you're choosing to take full control of your digital assets – meaning no one can freeze your funds, halt withdrawals, or take your funds without your permission.

Before we dive into the steps to transfer your assets, let’s have a quick look at each platform.

What is Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is the simple-to-use, self-custody crypto wallet and gateway to Web3 for people who want to fully own, control, and leverage the power of their digital assets. From beginners to experienced users, Trust Wallet makes it simpler, safer, and convenient for millions of people around the world to experience Web3, store and manage their crypto and NFTs, buy, sell, and stake crypto to earn rewards, and access dApps securely—all in one place. Trust Wallet is available as a mobile app, and also as the Trust Wallet Chrome Extension.

What is is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that enables the buying, selling, and trading of a wide array of digital assets. It offers features like spot trading and futures contracts for a variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many altcoins. can be accessed via a desktop or a mobile app, providing flexibility for its users. As a centralized exchange, it acts as an intermediary in transactions, handling asset custody during trades. Transferring your crypto from to Trust Wallet

Before you transfer your crypto from to Trust Wallet, you’ll need to ensure you have Trust Wallet installed on your mobile device or computer. Trust Wallet is available as a mobile app as well as the Trust Wallet Chrome Extension.

Step 1: Install Trust Wallet

If you don’t yet have a Trust Wallet, you’ll need to install it for your device. Trust Wallet is available as a mobile app and as the Trust Wallet Extension. In this example we’ll use the mobile app.


Step 2: Get your deposit address from Trust Wallet

For the asset you want to transfer from to Trust Wallet, you need to get your Trust Wallet deposit address.

You’ll use this deposit address to send the crypto over to Trust Wallet.

  • Select “Receive”.
  • Search for the asset you want to deposit to your Trust Wallet.
  • Copy the deposit address.


Step 3: Send the crypto from to your Trust Wallet

Now that you have your new Trust Wallet deposit address, log into and do the following:

  • Search for the asset you want to send to your Trust Wallet and select it.
  • Choose the “Withdraw” option.
  • Go through the process of withdrawing the asset and then paste in your Trust Wallet deposit address when asked for it.
  • Complete the process

Note: You’ll need to repeat the above process for each asset you want to send from to Trust Wallet.

And now that we’ve looked at how to transfer assets to Trust Wallet, you can use the same process for sending crypto from just about any centralized exchange.

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